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Mercedez C is an international law attorney licensed to practice law both in Washington DC and Nigeria. She graduated from Howard University with LLM degree in international law and is experienced in cross border transactions. She worked as Personal Secretary & Legal Affairs Officer to a state Governor in Nigeria. This involved working with some South African, Asian, European and American investors who are doing billion dollars of business in Africa. She met with  these foreign investors to negotiate terms of the investment, drafting the contracts or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), including terms of financial requirements, scope of investment, land acquisition, investment funding and letters of credit. She  liaisoned between these investors, immigration office and State stakeholders.


Mercedez has also worked with clients in Washington DC on areas of business mergers and acquisitions, incorporation of new companies, immigration, construction, talent management, family law, injuries and real estate. She has represented American real estate investors doing real estate projects in Nigeria and Cameroon; drafting and reviewing real estate agreements; and providing legal counseling to clients as needed.


Mercedez is an author and has written several books including how to do business in Nigeria.  She is experienced with providing legal counseling on international financial crime, especially those on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).


Mercedez has extensive experience in family law and has written a book on marital and family issues. She represents clients in prenuptial agreements, separation agreements or divorce; and counsels clients on child support/visitation issues and alimony. The book is on Amazon at


Over the years, Mercedez has helped set up companies for both for profit and nonprofit organizations, including churches and multinational corporations. She has also assisted many families deal with immigration issues, including cross border adoption, employment visa, green card and naturalization.


Mercedez has worked as the human resources director for an international talent management corporation. She handled employment regulatory compliance issues, employment related issues, including compensation and benefits analysis, organization development and immigration compliance.


Mercedez is the director of an entertainment corporation which manages entertainers. She provides legal counseling to entertainers as well as assist with management operations.


Mercedez works with a team of other attorneys as of-counsels, depending on the subject matter, complexity of each case, country location and the constraints or necessary skill required in each case.