Before you put your signature on any documents, bring it to us to review, identify loopholes and advice you properly. Some people get documents and they sign without realizing the hidden terms that could eventually work against them. An agreement you sign with a smile can easily turn out to become a nightmare when misunderstanding arises. Do not sign without knowing the implications of what you are signing. Bring the document to us first. If anybody pressures you to sign a document, beware and do not sign. If they want it to benefit you, they will wait for you to get legal review and advice.


When you bring certain documents into the United States, they may require to be legally authenticated. Some documents must be authenticated. The purpose is to prevent the use of forged or fraudulent documents in the country. Therefore, for you to be able to use your documents, they must be officially certified to show that they are real and not forged. We help you legalize your documents. Both the United State Department of States and various Embassies require your documents to be authenticated. We help you with the following:

  • Authenticate your documents at the US State Department

  • Legalize your documents at Notary and Authentication Offices

  • Embassy documents authentication


You may also need to retrieve certain court documents or statistical records but then, you are not within the country or State. You may also not know how to go about this. We help you procure these documents.

  • Police Clearance certificate

  • Copies of marriage certificates; birth or death certificates

  • Copies of university degrees, transcripts and other educational certificates

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