Visiting or staying in the USA can be intimidating or frustrating for the first time visitor. It can also be challenging for returning visitors, especially if they do not know how the system works. Some visitors do not have family or friends who can guide them adequately through the workings of the system. We provide liaison and executive services to our clients. We make your arrival and stay very memorable. We help you create that befitting presence in USA. The following are some of the services we provide:

  • Protocol officers; personal security officers, tour guide and personal assistants

  • Customized secretarial services for your unique individual needs.

  • Make executive flight and hotel reservations.

  • Ensure that executive transportation is ready and available for your daily use.

  • Schedule your meetings and provide reminders

  • Provide an array of entertainment options to select from

  • Assist with shopping and errands

  • Supply entourage, if needed

  • Assist with political and social networking

  • Provide legal advice when requested.

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